Hello,  My name is Marce Reizen and I am one of the voices behind Pure + Now. I live in Miami with my loving husband Brett, three children, Jacqueline, Alexander, and Andrew, our dog Maya and guinea pig, Butter.

 In the Fall of 2013, with the help from a holistic integrative doctor, my children Jacqueline, Alexander, and Andrew were diagnosed with food allergies to gluten, soy, eggs, coconut, dairy, peas, beans and corn. Since I breastfed all of my children I too was put on this strict diet. Although it was extremely challenging and overwhelming in the beginning, I chose to approach the situation in a positive way. Our journey began in the kitchen, but it didn't end there. Pure + Now is a collection of all the little pleasures in life, welcome! 

Hi, my name is Sue.  I am a peekapoo lover, yoga therapist in-training, little sister, and love to push boundaries.

In the summer of 2013 I reached my breaking point. I was experiencing panic attacks, loss of appetite, chronic nausea and severe anxiety. I knew I needed to make a change. I decided to start with what I put in my body. After researching online, I realized my symptoms may be caused by food allergies. I made the decision to go gluten and dairy free.

Within a few days of my diet, I was astonished how much better I felt. I knew I needed to make this a permanent lifestyle change. I started working out consistently for the first time since I was 18 and quickly fell in love with yoga.  Yoga filled the void in my soul where dance had been years ago. Yoga fueled my passion to not only want to live a holistic lifestyle, but also urged me to learn and teach others about it.